Body Piercing with a twist

Simply stunning individual jewellery seeming to float, seeming un-attached on your skin

The dermal anchor consists of a plate with a stem, both under your skin, and an attachment. The jewellery is titanium and has three holes in the plate, utilising your body’s tissue growth to ‘mesh’ with the jewellery, forming a near permanent bond with the jewellery. The stem sits flush with your skin, and the attachment for piercing is normally a round jewelled or plain disc. All this means that, within reason, a single point piercing can be placed almost anywhere on your body. This opens up a lot of creative possibilities with patterns, and shapes and can enhance parts of existing tattoos. Or simply sits discretely, all on its own.

A beautiful range of powerful or discreet attachments for all tastes when healed.

Please note that dermal anchors should be treated as permanent piercings.

Strict Consent Conditions Apply

Over 18's only - Photo ID required

Aftercare Solution, Instructions and Cleaning Tool Included